Nongfu Spring Supplies G20 Summit with High Quality Drinking Water

September 9, 2016

XINHUA NET – Nongfu Spring was chosen to supply the recent G20 Summit with natural drinking water, mineral water and fruit juices. The company is known for the world-class quality and design of all of its products.

Nongfu Spring provided its 380ml, 550ml and 4L bottled natural drinking water, glass bottled natural mineral water, and 17.5°NFC fruit juices.

High Quality Water Source

Nongfu Spring’s approach is to build its bottling plants at the water sources. The company only uses high-quality, 100 percent natural water sources, which contain many healthy and beneficial minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium. So Nongfu Spring water can be drunk every day and used for cooking and brewing tea.

Nongfu Spring glass bottled natural mineral water originates from Moya Spring in Changbai Mountains’ ecological preservation area. The spring is  a renowned high-quality mineral water source in one of the healthiest forest ecosystems in China. Water from the mineral spring has an especially low sodium content, less than 6.8mg/L. And with a naturally balanced amount of other mineral elements, Moya Spring gives a refreshing taste and feel of the ice and snow.

Nongfu Spring’s search for high-quality water sources throughout China dates back to 1996 when the company was first established. Considerable effort is required to find a first-class water source. For example, Mr. Fang Qiang, water source prospector from Nongfu Spring, finally tracked down Moya Spring in the primeval forest of Changbai Mountains after 78 tries, each time walking for hundreds of kilometres in less than -30°C temperatures.

After locating a water source, Nongfu Spring conducts long-term monitoring to ensure the stability of the water quality. It typically takes several years and hundreds of water tests and continuous monitoring to finally confirm a water source. For example, Nongfu Spring took six years to inspect more than a hundred water sources in the Mount Emei area before preliminary testing confirmed Mount Emei as a qualified water source for Nongfu Spring. It took another two years to monitor the water quality before finally deciding to establish a water plant.

State-of-the-Art Production Technology

First-class product requires state-of-the-art technology. The company procured hi-tech production line equipment from Germany, France and Japan. Krones and KHS are both long-term suppliers to Nongfu Spring. Currently, Nongfu Spring’s production line has already realized automated, unmanned production for the whole production process, including physical filtration, bottle blow process, filling and packaging. Fully atuomated processes avoid any risk of contamination.

Top Design

Nongfu Spring is focused on creating world-class packaging designs for its products.

The glass bottle design, which featured at the recent G20 Summit, follows three years of work. The company invited five top design studios from three countries and chose the final version after 58 drafts and more than 300 designs. The final design won five international packaging design awards, which is a unique achievement among Chinese companies.

The design features four animals,  three plants and one weather symbol typically found in the Changbai Mountains. Numbers and words tell the story of the spring. For example, 1,000 represents how many Chinese mergansers inhabit the Changbai Mountains; 89 the number of fern species found in the area.

Back in June 2012, Nongfu Spring received its favourite bottle design from famous British designer Sarah Pidgeon. However, the bottle-making and printing technology wasn’t sufficiently advanced then to realise her design so Nongfu Spring had to search for a new designer. After two years’, the company still preferred the original design. So Nongfu Spring redesigned the bottle shape and addressed themanufacturing issues with help from a European glass producer.

The premium glass bottled water successfully blends  China’s natural environment, the world’ s leading production technology, art and science. Chinese companies are expressing their own values  by collaborating with global talent.

Nongfu Spring Juices chosen for G20 Summit 2016

Nongfu Spring was chosen to supply the recent G20 Summit with natural drinking water, mineral water and fruit juices.

NFC Fruit Juice

Nongfu Spring’s NFC fruit juice was also served at the G20 summit.  The company chooses plantations with high-quality fresh ingredients to produce 100 percent pure fruit juice, with no additives and no concentrates. We use cold chain management throughout the transportation process to maintain just-picked freshness. NFC fruit juice is a leader in the Chinese fruit juice industry.